Roast Lemon Chicken — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like the perfect chicken and the recipe couldn’t be easier. Will get a chicken from my neighbor and roast it for us both. She raises and processes her own free-range chickens when the foxes let her keep them. They are amazingly good.

  2. We had that last night – it is a Marcella Hazan recipe. It is delicious and as you say, the gravy is very good. I always make that for my husband. I also do a slight variation by loosening the skin over the breast and top of the drumsticks using a spoon and push in some finely chopped herbs. If you don’t break the skin, it still puffs up but not as much.

    I do like both of your herb gardens but the first one is much more decorative but no doubt needed much more maintenance.

  3. Elle, our chicken are very flavorful, too. And the feathers now longer bother me lol

    Gill, thanks for letting me know. I do something similar with the herbs and lemon juice for the barbecue in summer – which means soon. A lot of maintenance, yes, but it was a joy to be out there.

    kate – in your new oven!