Slow Cooker Pork and Red Cabbage; hoe, hoe. hoe — 6 Comments

  1. I am one of those who uses their crockpot in the summer as well but only because I work and my commute both ways adds almost two hours to my day. I have a pressure cooker and do use it but I find it takes a long time to come up to pressure, so generally use it for tougher meats and such. And I’ve found any pressure cooker I use to take a long time…

    I’m eliminating three of the flower beds this year. While I appreciate them, I have no time for them. The woman who was in our house prior to us does gardening for a living so when she wasn’t working on someone else’s, she was working in hers. They’re huge, really huge and jam packed with flowers, many of which I think were probably bought for her clients and not used. And the weeds and grass! Holy cow. So for my own peace of mind, some of them just have to go. I’ll turn them over, paper them, mulch them and put a tree in each one. It makes me sad but there’s little else I can do and have them look as spectacular as I think they could be.

    Sorry this is so long today. I guess I’m chatty…

  2. I never noticed it before, but your blog shows posting time for France, not mine. I posted at 7:50 and my post shows 12:50pm 🙂

  3. Thanks, Ina…. I was really happy with the cabbage – the pork was good, too 😉

    Kate, it’s in its summer home

    nightsmusic, I don’t envy you that commute. At the worst mine was 45 minutes each way, Funny, I can’t imagine doing that now but it didn’t bother me then… I inherited flower beds in the Vendee, as well. I have to say I’m happy to spend the time in an herb or vegetable garden, but, while I enjoy the flowers I really don’t want to bother with them. I used to spend days weeding this huge iris bed…..

    Zoomie, it was good – and easy and made leftovers 😉