Spicy Moroccan Lamb, Slow Cooker; poisson d’avril — 3 Comments

  1. Katie your lamb looks lovely…great seasonings too. Was it a lamb shoulder or leg? Sometimes lamb cuts like this can be hard to find where I live….and when you do – very pricey. But once in a while lamb is such a lovely dish.

  2. I’ll have to go back to my market now, to pick up the lamb shoulder roast I contemplated but didn’t buy since I didn’t have an idea for using it at that time. Over here, the true April fool is a man called Donald. Ugh!

  3. Ina, I have no clue…. As is typical here it was boned, rolled and tied into a perfect log lol

    Zoomie. he is one scary guy…. along with his nemesis, Ted. Hope your lamb was yummy!