Stir-Fried Beef & Asparagus; blondes and pinks — 5 Comments

  1. I like the way the French label the origin of their food even down to the breed of cattle. It adds an interest to shopping as well.
    We have a couple of farms near us which sell both strawberries and asparagus direct. Their signs list both so I know I will be able to get plenty of fresh asparagus next year.

    Stir fries, risottos and salads in summer are such a tasty way of using up those few bits lurking in the fridge which otherwise would end up being thrown away. I hate wasting good food!

  2. Fascinating about the breed labelling on the meat. I have never encountered that before.

  3. Very interesting about the breeds. The only time I see that here is at Greenfield Village and only because they have a self-sustaining farm in the Firestone farm.

    Those flowers are part of the Viola family but I can’t think of the name right now.

  4. Gill, our local asparagus source started hauling it all to the coast last year so we’re out of luck there. Strawberries we can get from a different farmer. We waste very little – maybe it’s an age thing lol

    Kate, and the smiling face of the farmer on a poster above the meat counter… Where we lived before we bought beef right from the farmer (and chickens and eggs) – but he was a close neighbor that we got to know.

    nighstmusic, – this the name i know ‘Pinks’ lol. Where I grew up in Wisconsin it was all Herefords = but never labeled.