Grilled Veal Chops with Tarragon Butter; siphoning wine — 6 Comments

  1. Your spring photos are beautiful. I’ve never smelled an elderberry flower but I almost can smell yours! I am enjoying your recipes with tarragon. In order to enjoy the fresh tarragon (it refuses to grow for me) I made a tarragon butter and keep it in the freezer to use as needed. Love all your recipe suggestions.

  2. I envy you having an Elderflower tree/bush. Ours had to go because it was too close to the barn and hangar and we weren’t there long enough to prevent it damaging the roof. It took so long and so much effort to kill it completely my husband does not want one near! I will have to find a source of flowers and berries once we are there.
    I loved the story of your mother. It also brought back memories of sampling the homemade wines of one of our Pharmacog group after afternoon labs!

  3. I loved the elderflower/mother story ! Maybe you can make your fortune doing homemade wine. With that abundance of flowers you could open a boutique winery !

    • LOL I can just see your smiling mother on the floor.
      What a great memory when you smell the flowers.

  4. Carol, freezing tarragon butter – great idea! Adds a little spring in winter. And thanks for the kind words.

    Gill, now that I realize what it is I see them everywhere. You will have no problems finding lots. My mother was convinced her wine evaporated…. Nothing to do with her 4 children, nothing at all….

    Zoomie, thanks. I miss her wine…. and her…

    katew, I think I have her recipes somewhere…. Now to find a big stoneware crock here in the middle of French farm country… Hmmm

    Bob, in a dress, of course, she never wore pants when I was younger lol. Wouldn’t have been proper.