Lettuce with Turkey, Red & White Beans; what cows do in the winter — 3 Comments

  1. It’s good to know the girls are afraid of something so much bigger than they. You suppose the cows in the barns are in stalls and stand still for months? They must get to move around to get calves or perhaps that happened before they went in. Wish my mind was somewhere else now.

  2. Cowies! We love cows. But I would think those babies aren’t all that much bigger than your puppies. I could be wrong, but they’re size is deceiving from across the lake.

    I wish I could eat salad every day. I have IBS and can’t eat more than a quarter cup of any kind of roughage without paying dearly…but it sure looks good!

    You asked for feedback on the ads and I wanted to let you know that yes, I am annoyed with the video ad just above the comments section. Why, you ask? Because I can’t seem to turn off the auto play feature. I don’t want any videos to play unless I click on them. Facebook annoys me so for the same reason. I leave my sound on, not loud, but on and as soon as I scroll to that area, the video starts playing and of course, the sound for the video is always at maximum so the whole thing just kind of jumps out at me.

    I am only one person here. Others might not care at all. I’m just letting you know…

  3. phoenicia, they get to move around… And the herd is much smaller then. Yeah, it’s good the pups respect the mama cows LOL

    nightsmusic, they’re not a lot bigger,,,, But mom is! Too bad about the salads. I would really miss that part of summer Thanks for letting me know about the video… Can you close it or skip it? Or just scroll past it? They told me it was easy to close or go past….. I haven’t seen any ‘results’ yet. but, again, thanks for the info. And sorry to annoy you 😉