Red Pepper and Olive Mini Pizzas; help, please — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t know what the problem with Russian brides is, but I’m going to email you screenshots of what I see from the U.S. Perhaps that can help you out a bit. Signed, Ludmilla.

  2. On my iPhone, which is my usual way of accessing your blog, I don’t see ads at all unless I scroll ‘way down past your content. I’ll let you know if anything changes. And couldn’t you see your blog if you logged in from someone else’s computer, say, the public library, to confirm that your ads are appropriate?

  3. I’m seeing 4 Stages to a Heart Attack and a lot of ads from Gourmet Ads. I have to tell you, I use an ad blocking program on most sites, more because I’m sick of the 20 or so pop-up and in your face ads I see before I can uncover the content. Not so here, but just letting you know what I do see.

  4. Dan, I get some very strange ads here – often the ad provider in the US has no clue.They just sell the space for ‘overseas’ ads.

    Thanks, Elle. I hate it that I can’t see them.

    Thanks, Phoenicia, much appreciated.

    Amy, I get lingerie here in France, too. Why I haven’t a clue. It’s supposed to be all food reltated.

    Zoomie, I have it set (or did) for mobile ads to come at the end. It’s being in France that limits what I can see. Advertisers decide where to show the ads and most US advertisers only show in the US. VPN’s don’t work, either. So I only get to see them when I’m actually in the US

    Kate, you, of course, will only get ads for North Africa lol Maybe you can find a prince?

    nighstmusic, on my blog there should be 1 from Google and 1 from Gourmet ads on the right and 1 from Gourmet on the top. The new one is supposed to be in the middle of the blog post itself but ‘easy to get by’ That;s the one I’m a little worried about.. So…. let me know. Thanks