Sautéed Asparagus with Green Garlic and Olives; working dogs — 6 Comments

  1. Katie – we too are nearing the end of our asparagus season…sigh, such a sad time of year. I could eat fresh asparagus all year long, but now that I have had farm fresh organic, I am spoiled. Don’t think I can ever buy store bought again, there is just no comparison in flavor and sweetness. Even eating it raw is incredibly delicious!

  2. The ads seem fine. I have only gotten a video ad once since the switch and it was just in the normal place and not obtrusive. Didn’t really work as an ad since I don’t remember what it was for 🙂

  3. I googled searched for hotels in Honolulu, and today some picks are on your site. Not bad really as they are everywhere I go. Nothing glaring. I hate the kind that flash and these just sit there. What happens to the plum pits? Dare I ask.

  4. Ina, it is sad to end the season – but we’ve eaten it every day for over a month…. It’s time 😉

    kate, they are weird dogs

    Zoomie, they stand on their hind legs and pull them off the trees

    Wonky, good to know. Thanks for telling me. They never work well for me, either lol

    Phoenicia, good… thanks. We have ppp (plum pit poo) all summer long. Fun!. Then, of course there are the figs – with the corresponding poo….