Stir-Fried Chicken and Asparagus, a wee rant — 7 Comments

  1. Your Japanese quince is beautiful and one of the reasons I started following you is because you don’t make me view a million photos before I get to the recipe. So I thank you! Making your crispy breaded scallops tonight, can’t wait for dinner!

  2. Absolutely! There was one of those I watched and thought, “I think they are missing something.” So I went through the link to the post with just the recipe. That’s right, more ingredients than they showed in the picture sequence–and likely a cookable recipe.

  3. Laughed at your astute words on photographing the process seeming to be more important than the food. There’s so much of that going on (at least in the USA), in all manner of things. The narrative seems to be more important to talk about than a product.

  4. It is even more frustrating when your internet connection is not good. At least i don’t have to wait forever for your posts to download.

    The quince is so pretty – yet another shrub to consider when I get to do my garden from next month on but I suspect a veggie patch will be taking priority.

  5. On some sites I get pretty frustrated trying to find the actual recipe….too many photos or too many ads will make me click away. Do the quince flowers smell as good as my lemon tree blooms? 🙂

  6. Delline, thanks…. Good to know. I just don’t have the patience for all of them. Hope the scallops were good!

    Karen, that would be really irritating 😉

    Dan, it worries me that people will loose the ability to read and follow written instructions.

    Gill, and my internet connection is one of the slow ones. I actually had quince one year so they’re not just another pretty bush

    Meredith, I feel the same. I’m always too impatient. No scent from the quince, sadly

    kate – unless they’re pretty blue doors or dogs or something 😉