White Asparagus with Green Garlic; no more series — 6 Comments

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with series. I love them because I fall in love with the characters and love learning about them and hearing from them ( so to speak) but hate it when i have to wait for the next one to publish and hate when they end because they never tie up all the loose ends for me and I am left wanting more…
    asparagus sounds yummy

  2. Katie -I love series books…if they have a great story and keep one interested. Especially if they are 800-1000 pages. I have done the same thing…if a new book finally comes out in a series, I will re-read all the previous ones before I move onto the most recent. But…the author died? How heart wrenching is that? Hopefully they got a writer as good as the original. I must check out this series…have not heard of it before.

  3. Katie – just read on line that The Wheel Of Time is now being made into a TV series….in case you had not heard. 🙂

  4. I have still never tried white asparagus … no reason, just haven’t. Love the green stuff.
    Series, the only time I’ve done anything even remotely like that is about 15 years ago I re-read all of Asimov in order. I loved it.

  5. Gayle, I’m with you – I think I’m done reading series – if the other one is ever finished Not to mention reading a dozen books then not liking the ending LOL

    Ina, actually, the new writer was better. It seemed like the original, Jordan, kept getting more and more wrapped up in tiny details. The middle few books moved forward at a snail’s pace (thus the skimming). The new writer moves things along nicely – still 1000 pages per book, but faster paced. A TV series???? Hmmmm Not sure how they could do it justice.

    Tanna, I’ve re-read other authors, in order, but at least each book ended…. This has been driving me slightly bonkers 😉

    kate, 2 more to go. And it’s actual books, not on my kindle since I started reading them 15 years before the Kindle….