Braised Chicken Thighs, Yogurt Sauce, roses — 6 Comments

  1. yellow leaves will fall off and give way to green ones if the roots get dried to where they have the water they need and the nutrients as well. the chicken looks delicious

  2. How sweet to bring you flowers from those who do not appreciate them! I can’t imagine…my sweet husband buys me flower bouquets each week and they are very appreciated! A yummy and lovely chicken dish too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 35 years last month. My husband does not bring me flowers either. But he does other, much appreciated things, so it all balances out. 🙂 (FYI-my first marriage lasted 10 days. He didn’t bring me flowers either…)

  4. Gayle, thanks – you’re right. The sun came out and things are looking up.

    Ina, he takes care of all the flowers around the house, too but never buys cut ones. I do the vegetables LOL

    Happy Anniversary to you, too Zoomie!

    nighstmusic, 10 days? I thought mine was short LOL We’re at 38…. Hardly seems possible.

    Phoenicia, I remember your beautiful wedding on the beach – also May,,, Time flies!