Caprese Mini Frittatas; the best sunset — 7 Comments

  1. Photoshop can’t beat mother nature … for sure! Gorgeous.
    It’s been a while since I did some Mini Frittatas, I need to fix that I see. So good. Yours look as good as the sunset!

  2. well you could label it gluten free and low carb but the bacon kind of ruins the vegetarian part. Just saying. 🙂 I don’t do the whatever free or low stuff. I discovered and decided a long time ago to listen to my body/mouth/taste buds n that is I have to get used to or cover the after taste or taste its not for me. so All sugar substitutes are out including stevia. Irritates my substitute loving friends. I also will cook gluten free for my friends but it is never something that feels or tastes that way. any gf recipes had better not have 42 other “flours” in them I wont do it. this recipe looks awesome.

  3. Tanna, it was a gorgeous sunset. I’m amazed at the photo…

    Gayle, D*** forgot about the bacon LOL I don’t use sugar substitutes either, although the hubs does for his coffee. He’s a T1 diabeitc – for coffee it’s fine but for other stuff we use the real thing. Life is too short for aftertaste.

    kate, it was, thanks

    Thanks, Zoomie

  4. Actually Katie from what I have read on your blog, most of your recipes are naturally gluten free which is one of the reasons I read your blog…and for the great food too. Being a Celiac it can be a challenge to find good recipes that are gluten free…I would recommend your blog to any of my fellow Celiac friends.

  5. Ina, It’s not intentional for gluten, but a by-product of cooking for a T-1 diabetic. But it keeps me healthier too 😉 Glad you like the recipes…