Grilled Chicken Taco Salad; ahead of my time — 7 Comments

  1. There are very few low or non fat options for anything here in Morocco. Diets, apart from fasting in Ramadan, are not part of the Moroccan culture and lifestyle despite diabetes being rampant.

  2. Low sugar peanut butter? IMHO the best peanut butter has ONE ingredient: peanuts.

    • @phoeinicaorchards … I use it for sailing … especially when chartering a boat … and only bringing limited luggage due to storage on board and TSA/CATSA not allowing liquids etc. (most important is what I need to maintain my health as a Type 1 diabetes) . It’s high in protein .. and just plain good (you mix with water). I’ve been tempted to try the chocolate PB version one day.

  3. I cook with full bodied olive oil or butter. I eat rich sour cream and whole yogurt. I don’t buy lo-non-diet anything except MY one dirty little secret and that’s Coke Zero. I have maybe one a day, usually half of one, and that’s it. I can’t afford the diet stuff and don’t like the taste of most of it.

  4. Tanna, I get 3? Hot Damn!

    kate, diabetes? Really? I wouldn’t have thought that. The regular diet seemed healthy. Well, except for all the sweets….

    brassfrog, that’s my preferred peanut butter, also… But I think the kid’s has other stuff in it.

    Phoenicia, I’d never heard of powdered peanut butter, but, Anna, now we both know why Thanks, If I ever see it I’ll buy it for the hubs,,,, he can keep it in his kit lol (he loves peanut butter)

    nightsmusic, to be honest I can’t tell the difference between Coca Light and Coca Zero,,, we have both here. I’ve never liked margarine so it’s butter and olive oil for us – sometimes both lol