Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Peanut Sauce — 7 Comments

  1. Wonderful, my fellow golfer and exerciser and blogger! 😉 I bet you play golf much better than me, every time I refer to me as a golfer I am laughing so hard inside that I cry a little…

    I love this recipe and remember indeed that it makes a ton of sauce – not a bad thing to have around, I love that flavor

    Thanks for the write up, and have a wonderful Reveal Monday!

  2. I LOVE pork tenderloin and this looks so tasty what a GREAT recipe to make for the SRC and an idea that I may borrow next time I cook pork! Karen

  3. Sally, we’re not discussing golf at the moment LOL. Love your blog and recipes. We have similar tastes I think…

    Karen, we love pork – and peanut sauce! It was good with the chicken, too.

    Karen, more reason to go back and find something else. That’s what I like about the SRC – new inspirations

    Emily, We eat a lot of pork. It’s reasonable and really good here. As to the peanut sauce… ‘-).