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Stir-Fried Vegetable Lettuce Wraps; miserable weather — 7 Comments

  1. Jimmy Johns, have you heard of it? They serve their subs in a wrap version. They use bib lettuce. I love bib lettuce. I can’t eat the wrap. It’s such a huge mess, two bites in and I’ve turned it into a salad. Which they don’t serve. But they deliver to my work. Where I can make a mess all over my desk with a wrap!

    It’s rained almost every day here for the past week. I know we need the rain, but I have three flower beds left to get through too…

  2. I love making wraps but then I can’t really eat sandwiches very much anymore so a lettuce wrap lets me have a lighter meal without it being a salad because I love tuna and chicken salad but I hate it just sitting on a bed of lettuce, A lettuce wrap is the perfect solution for me.As for the rain…DO NOT mention rain to me! I live in Conroe Texas near Houston and we had catastrophic rains in April and have been having even more the last week. 500 year flooding both times! we are so saturated that someone spitting on the sidewalk causes flooding. I am so over the rain! the lettuce wrap? That I can enjoy

  3. Lettuce wraps work for people looking to cut carbs. We learned to make faux sandwiches and after a while its OK. Love bread but it doesn’t love me so I compromise when possible. I dislike wraps in tortilla type breads. Would rather eat the real thing in that case.

  4. nightsmusic. no, never heard of them. Maybe I just don’t have the right kind of lettuce. I can see them making a mess LOL

    Zoomie, hand pie – why not hand salad?

    Kate, we had a spectacular storm – great views of it 😉

    Thanks, Amelie… on both counts,,,

    Gayle, okay…. I could see tuna salad in a wrap – if I could find that kind of lettuce. Romaine? Don’t think so…. That’s what I have growing at the moment

    Phoenicia, with my kind of lettuce – salad. I eat sandwiches so rarely that when I do I go all out…. usually something from the local boulangerie. I do think the tuna or chicken salad would be good, though