Composed Salad with Tuna, Avocado; baby birds — 4 Comments

  1. “Composed” v “Decontructed.” Both are creative.

    PS Do you have the “Hamilton” soundtrack? Highly recommend!

  2. So kind of her to cover the window! Yes, baby birds (unless they are precocial like chickens and ducks) are born naked and helpless.

  3. It doesn’t take long for them to get their feathers but the parent birds do have to bring in a lot of food to get them to the fledgling stage – lets hope they get the chance to do so.

  4. sullimaybe, except ‘composed’ salads have been around forever LOL. No, never heard of it but now I know. I can listen to samples on Amazon. Thanks…. We’re so behind out here in the boonies….

    Zoomie, I just hope they leave it covered and don’t constantly peek. The house has been empty since last fall so it was safe – until now. I’ve never seen birds that newly hatched.

    Gill, I do hope the parents will keep the kids in line so mama bird can feel safe. But I want to go back and look, too 😉