Grilled Onions, a new bench — 7 Comments

  1. A lovely bench and we are having the weather to enjoy using it.
    Mine arrives in the containers next week but it needs new wood and most of the wood working tools are also in the containers. They have to be unearthed, a workshop set up and I hope to have mine for next summer. I might also have one like your original bench but if it was dismantled and packed, it also needs new wood…..and I want to establish a potager, re-do the kitchen etc.
    It is going to take years to get sorted out here particularly as there is so much else going on around us!

  2. I would eat onions in everything if I could. Unfortunately, things like chocolate cake don’t do onions well.

    I too am a ‘scrounge’ and have found some of my most well loved things that way. Good for mon mari that he sees the potential in the tossed. Some wonderful pieces there.

  3. We grill onions but don’t use the basket. We put a few tooth picks into the slices to hold them together and it works perfectly. Will try a balsamic glaze next time. Good idea.

  4. Tanna, thanks on both counts.

    Gill, the containers arriving is exciting…. and the work overwhelming, but fun. As long as you have firewood for winter you;ll be fine 😉

    nightsmusic, I do put them into almost everything. But for ‘whole onions’ I prefer the milder flavor of shallots. Do those bother you too?

    Phoenicia, I never make suggestions to the grill master…. but toothpicks are a good idea LOL

    kate, he is a very useful scrounger 😉

    Ina, I’m happy with both benches