Ham, Bean, & Avocado Salad; sad…. again — 7 Comments

  1. That canal looks a lot more inviting than ours here in the high desert. We’re always interested in cooling foods in the summer here, and avocado goes a long way despite its fat content which could raise body temps. Somehow it doesn’t.

    I’d drafted a comment here about here about Nice and Turkey which is now thankfully lost. I’ve no idea how your part of France is dealing with current issues regarding immigration; those issues hardly impact the functioning of my area, even with strong flows from Central America and Cuba here right now. The various levels of government do nothing for them once they’re accepted inside this border; the Catholic Church runs five centers for them in my city, and that’s all the help they get at a practical level. It’s very distressing.

  2. Are the avocados from your garden?!

    The photos of that canal makes me cry again and wonder how it is that there is a portion of the population that needs to destroy the peace. What a crazed world we live in!

  3. Phoenicia…. we are in a sad state

    Kate, and it doesn’t seem to stop.

    brassfrog, it truly is…. again

    Ina it’s just incomprehensible!

    Dan, our canals are wonderful – nice for boats, too LOL. Here in the middle of nowhere we have signs on the road looking for people willing to take in families but, really, we are too far out of the way here.. I just saw a news bit on the lack of education for the children – which is just creating opportunities for the terrorists to recruit. No education = no jobs = no future. I wish I had the answer….

    Elizabeth, I wish…. We get them from Spain…. I do not understand any belief system that promotes this…