Salad with Tuna, Walnuts, Creamy Herb Dressing; the shopping — 9 Comments

  1. as rarely as possible but that ends up being once a week or so especially during the summer…I love fruit

  2. I love salads like this one Katie – and your herb dressing sounds perfect. I shop once a week – much like you do….and we hit the Farmers Market every Saturday during the summer to early fall.

  3. I shop every two weeks and I always buy under ripe friuts for that reason. However, only dinner is made for the two of us except for the weekends. Then we are both home. I plan a two week menu and shopping list and then I am good to go.

    • I try to keep it to once a week – Monday is our market and shopping day here – but occasionally I have to top up on a Saturday at a small farmer”s market close by. However, I do take advantage of my husband’s runs to the déchetterie and Bricomarché in neighbouring towns.

  4. I am lucky in NYC to have a huge asian market right across the street and a produce truck that visits our corner daily. I shop for whatever is beautiful and fresh every day.

  5. As its just me I shop if and when I am hungry and theses days do very little preplanning, not like the old days cooking for a family of five.

  6. Once a week out of necessity. I’m too far from the store to go every day though I’d rather no go at all but no one around me delivers. 🙁 Husband is not a big fan of lots of fruit and I find the older I get, the less often I can eat it without…repercussions. My bread lasts about a week, anything I’m not using right away goes in the fridge or freezer…

  7. Once a week to Costco or every other week. Gas is the best price there by 35-50 cents a gallon. We package meats into meal sizes. We try to eat most of the freezer before buying more. I graze fruit from the trees in the yard. Now we have Sapotes and Jaboticaba. There is always lemons and limes or cubes frozen. We go to farmer’s market as needed or another store for veggies as needed. I don’t plan menus ever but put together some delight with what is staring me in the face. It works.

  8. Gayle, I would love to have all the food delivered but it’s not an option here – and I don’t think I would trust anyone to choose my fruit….

    Ina I but fruit all year but vegetables only in the spring as we get so much from our garden. Once a week is enough!

    Delline, I cook for two every evening but we both do our own thing for breakfast and lunch…. thus all the fruit. And I buy under-ripe as well.

    Gill, during asparagus season the hubs was stopping at every market he saw whenever he was out…. Good lad!

    Jeri, at our last house we had a bread truck that came by twice a week – this being France, but I have never lived within walking distance of anything so I learned to plan ahead. Must be fun to walk to a market.

    Kate, but you walk past so much to and from the riad – makes it easier (maybe?)

    nightsmusic, I stick most things in the freezer too. And we eat lots more fruit now than we did in the US. Well, the hubs does…. I’ve always eaten lots. I eat more now because it seems to be so much better here.

    Phoenicia, had to Google both of those LOL. At our last house we had grapes, plums, peaches, pears and apples but here we only have the tiny yellow plums. I, too, buy big boxes of meat and divide it up. Some weeks all I buy is the fruit and dairy… And dog treats.