Steak Salad, Artichoke Hearts — 5 Comments

  1. I am going to have to find the “English shop” if only for the steaks because we have the same opinion of French steaks as you. In fact there are many things we are going to have to find now we are resident in the region.

    The steak salad looks delicious

  2. Happy Birthday to mon mari!

    You know, the vinaigrette you used on your salad is the perfect marinade for a steak as well. The tough ones you get from the non-english shop would turn out much more tender after resting in that for awhile…

    Definitely going to make this salad though. It looks scrumptious!

  3. sullumaybe, yes, English shop for all the Brit’s who live here – so they can get their marmite and bacon and golden syrup and not have to be bothered with French food. I always get my Christmas ham from them as the French don’t do ham and now I tried the steak – pretty good!

    Kate,greetings duly passed along.

    Gill, It’s in Eymet – don’t know how far that is from you…. We have found a local butcher who cuts nice filet mignon – for a price, but not other cuts.

    nightsmusic, you see that is the problem. When the hubs wants steak he wants it naked, just a bit of salt. If it has to be marinated (which I’m happy with) he’ll pass.