Stove Top Balsamic Glazed Carrots; Secret Recipe Club — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, my…. I LOVE THIS… we eat carrots a lot, and I am always looking for new ways to prepare it – look at the COLOR of these babies…. wow!

    pinning. Right. Now..

  2. What a FAB recipe for a sunday lunch accompaniment or even as a veggie main course with crusty bread!Great pick for SRC and Happy 4th July too! Karen

  3. Those look so good, and as it just so happens, I have carrots in the fridge and a really yummy balsamic that needs to go with the carrots. Great choice.

  4. I love the honest simplicity of this. And cooked in balsamic, even better: this is a seriously gorgeous dish

  5. Thanks for giving us permission to use our cheap balsamic and tell us how to help it along! Absolutely GREAT SRC pick!

  6. Sally, I thought they were a little dark…. but I loved the flavor!

    Karen, perfect with a roast I think… And thanks!

    Sid, like me…. always have carrots in the fridge

    Karen, you’re right, Laura’s blog is great!

    Thanks, Nicole – yes, a hard time choosing.

    Emily, hope she likes them as much as we did.

    Phillip, we like simple…. and flavorful lol

    shockingly…. perfect job for the cheap Balsamic! I treasure the good stuff too much.

  7. It’s so much fun to see what appeals to my Secret Recipe Club partner each month. Love your take on my stove top carrots with balsamic glaze.