Warm Balsamic Potato Salad; broken coffee mugs and a wee rant — 5 Comments

  1. Perhaps a trip to Côte d’Azur could help. Surely they hold on to the colours you desire, resistant against the awful ones you’re experiencing around your area. Or maybe the Greek Islands, doubtless they have standards.

  2. Dan, I think you are right. A shopping trip is definitely in order. Spain does nice ceramics as well. And I really could be happy with a few nice Spanish rosados for summer. Plus our friend in the mountains (our dogs breeder) has Leonberger puppies.

    Zoomie, I bought them at the same time so I’m guessing it’s an age thing…. as so much of my life is now lol

  3. What?! How can this happen to even one mug, let alone four? (Now I’m going to be afraid to hold my coffee cup by the handle….)

    Still, how easy it would be to completely forget about the mug breakages with this wonderful potato salad on the table. Mmmmm, bacon….