Creamy Cucumber Salad; shoes? please! — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe there is a treasure chest there somewhere with old money in it! Vladimir was telling me that when the big rush to get out of Cuba in 1958/59 people buried money in tin boxes in their properties. They must have thought that they were coming back at some time. Now the builders are finding some of the boxes when they are renovating.

  2. Huh, we grew a flathead Ford engine in our backyard. Go figure…

    I make cukes sort of like that, but not the cream. I slice my onions thin, peel and slice the cukes, layer, salt and let them sit like you do, but I don’t rinse them. I just squeeze them really hard until the remaining moisture is almost gone, then into a bowl with a little white vinegar and a dash of sugar and a bit of pepper. Same idea, they don’t last long and we stand in front of the open fridge eating them half the time. I’m not big on cloves, but I’ll have to try them this way because…cucumbers!

  3. Evelyn, I keep thinking that someday I’ll find something of value, but so far…. Nothing!

    Zoomie, I ask people but everyone is baffled. Maybe it was some ancient rite lol

    nightsmusic, well that might have been useful! We’ve grown lots of rusty knives and even a plowshare once, My mother always put onions in hers but I content myself with the chives, Maybe I’ll try some red onions next time – they seem to be milder.

  4. What a great story about the champagne bottles. I hope you find out the mystery some day.

    I love this salad recipe. It’s a bit like tzatziki but also like some of the northern European cucumber salads I often eat (like the one nightmusic mentioned for example) A perfect marriage you might say.

    • It is a bit like tzatziki, Rachel… I love cucumbers in all ways. As to the champagne bottles – I can’t imagine a reason to bury them – and the work it took to line them up lol