Grilled Chicken Breasts, Lemon, Sage; waiting for tomatoes — 7 Comments

  1. I don’t like sage. Neither does the husband, so I don’t cook with it. I think it’s because my grandmother used to make sage dressing as well, but it was sage with a little bit of bread crumbs. Completely overpowered the turkey, the dressing and anything else that was baked in the oven that day including the pumpkin pies. It was…less than appetizing.

    I planted cherry tomatoes once. Every. Single. Year. After that I had scores of volunteer plants. Everywhere. It was overwhelming how many came up all the time. And they all had tomatoes and they all left seeds that came up the following year. *sigh*

  2. We love sage too Katie…I definitely would be using at least a tblsp. in turkey stuffing! When I stopped doing the veggie garden the first year was tough. Then it got easier because I can buy so much fresh organic produce at our farmers market. Once in a while I still miss the veggie gardens, but I am also grateful to have more time to do other things.

  3. nightsmusic, I do realize that we are somewhat unusual in our love of sage LOL. I’ve been freezing the cherry tomatoes – the skins pop off when thawed and I add them to soup. I add everything to soup

    Ina, every year I say it’s the last time….. I have had trouble in the past growing sage – it always died out in late summer but I have a big one growing now that should keep us happy for awhile – fingers crossed.

    Jimmy, try rosemary or parsley – both would be good.

  4. I have little space to grow anything and tomatoes have always failed for me. The market it is! Fortunately I have good farm market access in the summer. I do successfully grow sage though, so I can make sage-based recipes from my own garden at least.

    You threw me for a loop when I saw ketchup! I am intrigued for sure. I would not have thought of that in an herb grilled chicken recipe at all.

  5. Rachel, I tossed in the ketchup to thicken it a bit. It’s both fun and frustrating to have a vegetable garden LOL

    Kate, I love the Green Zebra – they’re light green with a dark green stripe. We want more than boring red ones lol