Stuffed Chard Leaves with Beef and Couscous, Secret Recipe Club — 13 Comments

  1. What a fun take on the stuffed grape leaves we made. I’ll have to have my friend over sometime and make them with chard as you did and see what she says about it. I always love seeing the twists other people come up with on my recipes, and shamelessly steal them as well.

  2. When I got her blog, this recipe called my attention too… you did a great job, I love these single serving portions of deliciousness….

  3. I love that you used chard! Great idea! I would love to make these – and maybe sub cauliflower crumbles for the beef. I need to mull on it, but I want to make these!! Great pick this month!!

  4. Sid, they were great – thanks for the recipe!

    Sally, there really are a lot of wonderful recipes

    Philip, chard is great for ‘rolls’ – it’s substantial enough but easy to work with

    Nicole, thanks, I love stuffing leaves, too 😉

    bcmom, really a lot of possibilities. – bigger leaves would make a great main course.

    Karen, thanks… chard it good!

    Sarah, now is the time to try….

    Wmpy Vegetarian, cauliflower would be great… I love getting the extra dose of veggies. Peppers would be good, too.

  5. A little bit of genius there to sub chard leaves for grape leaves. Little green cigar rolls are always so appealing! Wonderful SRC pick!

  6. I’m with Dorothy – it’s genius to sub chard leaves for grape leaves. Funny, I normally don’t see grape leaves here either, but happened on them at a store I don’t usually go to. I almost bought them, and now I’m regretting that I didn’t. But of course, I could just go to my regular grocery for chard and still make these delicious-looking leaves – thanks to you!

  7. Dorothy, strangely, I have never tasted a grape leaf so I have no idea how close my recipe is LOL

    Thanks, Emily…. when one has chard in the garden one has to be creative 😉 It grows fast.

    motherwouldnknow, and the chard is so very good for you (Are grape leaves?) After years of living on this side of the pond I’ve gotten good with substitutions.