Summer Beans with Pimiento (no Velveeta), flowers — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Katie! just found your blog – it is very charming! It made me remember my mom, cooking everything in bacon fat and the Velveeta. She was from Minnesota – maybe it is a regional thing. My sister and I loved toasted velveeta sandwiches and Campbell’s tomato soup for lunch. mon mari and I live in Florida now and are thinking of finding a place in France to spend the summers. It is hot, hot, hot here! We are west coasties from Seattle who moved here after retiring. It’s as close to France as it is to Seattle by air. I’m looking forward to reading your blog now that I found you. Cheers! Gerrie

  2. Hi Gerrie, glad you found me! Yes, I think the bacon fat / Velveeta is very midwestern… And browned butter. I had a few of those lunches myself. If you ever get to our area hunting for holiday houses let us know.

    kate, you were lucky. Be glad you never had to try it (Okay, so I loved it…. American equivalent of vegemite)