Verrine of Red Beet and Cream Cheese; serendipity — 5 Comments

  1. You have to be one of the funniest !! I will think about you when looking for something I have moved to a different spot. Like the pickling salt. My gosh I knew I put that in the back of the cupboard but when I went to get it Saturday when starting the pickles it was gone!!! Vlad went out and bought another. I just thought about it, I think I used it making up a concoction to kill weeds. lol . Also I was telling Vladimir about your bench. So he thinks he can redo ours. It is apart now! We have to go out to buy the new lumber. It has been to hot here to do anything but I wanted to tell you it is in the works.
    Take care

  2. I know exactly what you must have felt searching for the missing juicer! I hope the base turns up. There is a mass of neatly numbered boxes in the barn but the security equipment turned up in one I was convinced had kitchen sundries now I have to find the numbers on either side and hope I get it right. The boxes were not loaded, transported or unloaded in numerical order. His & her’s are totally mixed to confuse it further but it is good to be here with all our worldly goods.

    The verrine looks and sounds delicious. I have not tried to make any so far.

  3. Evelyn, well, glad we could be an inspiration to Vlad – and tell him good luck with the bench….. And thank you for the kind words.

    Gill, it seems like we get to a point in unpacking and then just quit paying attention and start stuffing things wherever they might fit. And we always have such a long time between packing and unpacking we forget where stuff is and that we even have it. Makes moving interesting. lol

  4. We have two glasses just like that and we have always just used them for eau de vie. Who knew that food could go into the glasses too?!

    Don’t you hate that when you can’t find something you KNOW you have? How handy that you found something better. (Too bad about the juicer. They’re so handy to have.)

    • This juicer works fine – it’s just much bigger. But, then we don’t have access to the Spanish juice oranges so we don’t need it on the counter…. The little glasses are cute. lol