Zucchini and Pimiento Gratin; harvest — 7 Comments

  1. This growing season has been weird here in south Texas as well. Basically pulled almost everything up already to prepare for the fall season because we had too much rain then not enough, then too much rain again and then Hot, the plants had no idea on how to deal with it. They grew then lost flowers then got new flowers then got bugs and disease so yank them up and welcome the fall garden season… I wish I had listened to myself and bought the zucchini I saw at the market today I would so be making this tonight.

  2. My wine grapes have stopped growing. They’re the size of peas. I wanted to put the netting over them, but they’re also really green still. I have a feeling there will be a one day harvest this year and the birds will get them before we do. Michigan weather sucks this year…

    • The gopher that ate all my purple irises in the spring bit off my pole bean plan at the base, then moved on to my tomato plant. I got about six green beans, thanks to the little varmint, and had to harvest all the tomatoes before they were fully ripe. I gave the green ones to my neighbor who likes fried green tomatoes and kept most of the reddening ones. Sad harvest here, too.

  3. Wow Katie..gorgeous bucket! It must be very old. If it were mine it would be a center piece in my living room…although….the living room has no room to spare. Hmmmm maybe the kitchen. Pretty tight too. It would definitely go somewhere where it could be admired. What a treasure!

  4. Gayle, I think we’re having a bee shortage, too. I don’t see a lot of them and lots of the squashes aren’t getting pollinated. Gardening = not even close to exact science. I don’t do fall gardens lol

    nightsmusic, there’s still hope for the grapes – if the birds don’t get them….. And the weather turns hot and dry…. And, and, and

    Zoomie, I have not seen any tunneling critters this year – yet. Last year I was plagued.

    Ina, after I took the photo, we attempted to move it and it fell apart. The few days in the sun dried it out, after sitting in the damp cellar all those years. Now we have to soak it and put it back together

    Kate, thanks… I got a good crop of onions this year – so far that’s the only thing.

    phoenicia, we’ve had that about 30 years…. bought it near my hometown in Wisconsin. Thanks!