Baked Fall Phyllo Rolls with Rocket Salad — 3 Comments

  1. They’re very pretty all lined up! That’s exactly how I like squash. All lined up 😉

    We had such a dry summer here that my grapes still aren’t ripening though they’ve finally started to. However, since I can’t get the netting on by myself and husband thinks we don’t need it, the deer are having a field day at 6am every morning eating any and all that are even fairly ripe. Which is probably why I only see the green ones yet and no purple. *sigh* And I had such plans for those grapes this year…

    Definitely doing your recipe but I’ll have to leave the nuts out.

  2. nightsmusic, too bad about the grapes…. and why does your husband think you don’t need it when the dear are eating them? I miss having grapes. Lucky dear!

    Kate, very weird. I pulled them all out in frustration yesterday.