Beluga Lentil Salad, Warm Goat Cheese; this is news?!?! — 6 Comments

  1. I like lentils. Husband does not. I don’t cook them, but am always happy when I can get a good lentil soup at a couple of our restaurants here.

    I don’t watch the news. I get the paper which is becoming a novelty here, because I’m able to pick and choose what I read that way. The TV news just crams everything down my throat and I don’t like that. I’m so over the politics, the celebrity stuff, the Kartdashians (UGH!) I just can’t stand it all anymore. So I read the paper and am a lot happier that way 🙂

  2. No TV here. No newspaper worth the few pages its printed on and I read the Google news page if a headline interests me. I do have some categories on my news page that I like: Geology, Science, Weather. My spirit is much happier away from the propaganda and all things Trump.

  3. The lentils and goat cheese look delicious!

    And see? This is why I don’t look at news headlines provided to me by helpful {cough} people/robots who only know me from what I look at on the net. I’m guessing that MSN has consulted with FB to learn how to aim news stories at you, basing their decisions on what they have guessed, using lightweight statistical data, are the sort of things you want to see.

    But. I have to admit that I’m curious about the 50 guacamole recipes… I can only think of 2 (with tomatoes or without tomatoes).

  4. No newspaper, no TV !! We listen to the CBC . Get all the news I want from there .. oh yes just listen to the news once a day. We have the internet and of course Facebook. Newspapers have become very expensive along with Tv channels. I bought those black lentils one time when you talked about them. I must cook them they look so good here. The goat cheese looks delish !

  5. Nightsmusic, I try to be discriminating and limit myself. Our TV news is 10 minutes of facts – no talking heads, just the facts. We watch once in the morning. I make lentils just for me

    Kate, I’ll look again in another few years LOL

    Phoenicia, the FB political coverage is a train wreck. I get the WaPo headlines and sometimes read a bit but it does tend to just drive me crazy. I’d rather stare at the clouds and pet the dogs 😉

    Elizabeth, I did not look at the 50 guacamole recipes….. I am so tired of robots thinking they know me. At least my science news is good LOL

    Evelyn, as I mentioned, our TV news is good – short and to the point. No papers. The lentils are great and we love goat cheese!