Bread Baking Babes go coconuts! — 3 Comments

  1. Ha! I have a similar aversion. Except I’m not even that wild about it when it’s actually finished cooking in the sweet! But I’d still like to try your family’s jockeys (oh dear, that doesn’t look very good, does it? 😀 )

    But my husband loves coconut. He loves it so much that when we went into ChinaTown yesterday to get dried mushrooms, he made us stop at one of the “Hong Kong” bakeries and bought a Coconut roll. The photo is still in the camera but as soon as it’s out, I’ll edit my post to show a commercial ChinaTown coconut roll that looks COMPLETELY different from the coconut rolls I made (I can’t stop laughing about mine now).

    Many thanks for putting all the coconut rolls together, Katie. I love these roundups.

  2. Elizabeth, mine loves coconut too. I tried to explain the ‘scent’ thing to him and he just didn’t get it LOL The jockeys were good – I couldn’t find anything about them online. Maybe it’s a lost art. Maybe I need to bring them back…. It could be the next cupcake craze!

  3. Just wondering re your ‘jockeys’……in Australia we would call something that seems similar ‘lamingtons’.