Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad; waiting rooms — 4 Comments

  1. Shame about the lettuce… I’m still harvesting purslaine and we cheat with some mixed leaves.

    The system you describe at the doctor’s is how I remember it here in the UK as a boy. Noticing who was ahead of you and when it was your turn was a certain skill. These days we do have to make an appointment to see the doctor. Reception usually apologises if your own doctor isn’t available within a few days, but they’ll book you in to see another member of the practice, usually same or next day if you’d rather do that. Of course the major difference is we don’t pay. Anything. We love to knock the NHS, and it sure has its problems, but at least no one is wasting time and energy taking payment and refunding it.

  2. When I have seen a doctor here in Marrakech, luckily only twice, i have gone to the surgery to make my appointment. The male secretary only speaks French and I am not good Frenchwise over the phone. When I have attended my appointment I have never seen a single sole waiting other than me. Cost $10 USD. Nor worth claiming on my travel insurance.

  3. Mike, we have to make an appointment for any ‘specialist’ but not the GP – who you have to see before you can see a specialist LOL And (I think) your docs are paid a salary by the NHS, right? Both systems much better than the US where one has to pay lots and only get some back, My last doc appt there was 350 for a 5 minute check-up. As to the lettuce – I could plant now, but by this time of year I’m tired of gardening LOL

    Ina, we usually have it warm – and the leftovers cold 😉

    Kate, that’s interesting…. I’m not surprised about the price but am surprised that no one else was waiting.