Grilled Citrus Chicken; a minor rant — 2 Comments

  1. Me: We have to leave soon. The kitchen is a mess. Go clean that now.

    Them: cleaningcleaningcleaningcleaning… We’re done, are we leaving now?

    It’s really that simple. I don’t understand parents who think their children need some kind of choice in the matter. No wonder the younger generation feel so entitled. They have no accountability anymore. It’s like the parent in the store with the screaming child in the shopping cart. They tell the child in aisle A, “If you don’t stop that, we’re leaving.” And yet, when I’m in aisle M and the parent passes me, the child is still screaming and the parent is still repeating the whole, ‘if you don’t stop that’ business. Yank the kid out of the cart, apologize to whatever employee you can find, and leave!

    We’re supposed to teach our kids, not make deals with them. *sigh*

    Sorry, that’s my mini rant for the day.

    And you inspired me to make chicken breasts tonight 🙂

  2. nighstmusic, I do not understand negotiating or pleading with children. It’s not a democracy; they don’t get a vote. They’re kids, they need structure. Asking them to do something is okay but not begging them LOL I think that’s why so many are such wimps today Okay, enough from me, too LOL
    Hope you like the chicken