Sesame Green Beans; Secret Recipe Club — 10 Comments

  1. Hi!!! I’m actually in Baltimore, MD 😀 I wish I lived in Wales – would totally be stalking the Doctor Who sets on a regular basis!!!! Glad you enjoyed the recipe

  2. The combo of green beans and sesame sounds wonderful. BTW, I had your blog this month and enjoyed looking through it and bookmarking lots more recipes than I talked about. And the salad I made, is going to be repeated. It made a great breakfast for me.

  3. I love her recipes, all the sorts of things I would make if I was in Australia. All of them tempt me greatly but no cooking here for me especially as it was 48 c yesterday !!!

  4. Sally, I’ve been cooking them every day but they’re starting to slow down now. Never get tired of them!

    Sorry, Amanda…. I was sure I saw something about Cardiff – and I jumped to conclusions. The beans were great! Baltimore is nice – spent some time there back when….

    Karen, enjoy the fresh beans

    bcmom – aren’t summer gardens wonderful?

    Sid – I, too, love savory breakfasts – sometimes I have to eat them out-of-sight of the hubs who thinks they’re awful LOL

    Phillip – I had some leftover the next day – also good cold

    Kate that’s too hot to eat, let alone cook… She has a lot of great stuff!

    Emily,as are wee – I cook them every night and have the leftovers for lunch, repeat, for about 3 weeks. I love it.

    shockinglydelicious, thanks – it was really good.You’ll love it!