Stuffed Acorn Squash with Ham and Walnuts; powerless — 4 Comments

  1. I cannot imagine ever resorting to cleaning !!! What a debacle though with the power. Eighteen hours is a very long time with no internet !!!

  2. How strange!! I got zero zucchini squashes too! The first batch wasn’t completely surprising. Someone (who shall remain nameless – suffice it to say that his name begins with T) forgot to water when I had to go away for several days. But the second batch planted from reputable garden center plants also produced nothing except a few flowers, that served as midnight snacks for backyard visitor(s) – we still don’t know if it was the raccoons or the possum that roam through the neighbourhood.

    Power outage isn’t fun, is it? But at least the power was off when it was warm and you could still cook outdoors in comfort… or rather, semi-comfort. It’s not entirely easy to grill while holding an umbrella that keeps going inside out, is it?

    • Elizabeth, the hubs moved the grill into the barn. It’s the quiet that really is strange – no TV, no music… even the dogs were quiet. Weird zucchini.