Chicken Breasts, Sherry Mushroom Sauce, it was a day — 6 Comments

  1. I’ll definitely be making this dish. It has mushrooms in it!

    And maybe I shouldn’t mention that you can change the 26 character password on your router….

  2. Love this dish Katie. I have never cooked with sherry before as I am not familiar with it (actually have never tried it before) I have seen a number of different recipes that call for sherry, so I must give it a try.

  3. Oh what a debacle , I have had no internet for two days so went to do battle with Maroc Telrcom and after a day and a half a technician rang on my landline but did not show up within the hour as promised . Somehow by magic Internet back today ! We are so hamstrung without it !

  4. Get directions to change the password on the router, or better yet remove the password.

    I only set a password if I can find a neighbors WiFi. More to keep my netflix speed as fast as possible

  5. nighstmusic, I know it’s possible to change the key…. but this is France and some things are not smart to do even if possible. It’s best, sometimes, just to deal with it.

    Ina, I love sherry to drink and to cook with. It’s very warming on a cold winter night 😉

    Kate, ah, the magic….. French internet – one is not supposed to know anything about it, just accept whatever one is told as gospel! Same in Morocco, I assume!

    Christina, I know how to do it – I just don’t know what kind of trouble I’d get into with Orange if I actually did it – or if they would just change it back without telling me lol

    Jean, me too – I think it goes especially well in any dish with mushrooms, And in stir-fries!