Golden Acorn Squash Stuffed with Spicy Beef, all sports all the time — 4 Comments

  1. Was the TV mounted on the wall ? If not it would have really been a matter of ‘get down in front ‘ !

  2. Lovely stuffed acorn squash…one of our favorite squashes. We have still been having a lot of delicata squash lately – also yummy. From there we start on the acorn and butternut. Another reason to love fall for all the delicious squash.

  3. phoenicia – more buying than tasting as it was such a long drive – only tasted a few

    Kate, no, it’s just on a high cabinet. Baloo is just so tall!

    Ina, I planted delicata last year. They were delicious, but not very productive, I haven’t gotten to the butternut yet…. the gold acorn are wonderful!