Turkey Cutlets, Basil Sauce — 5 Comments

  1. Was talking with my hairdresser. Her husband just finished working for the U.S. Postal service. Right after he retired the postal service contracted with Amazon to deliver, first thing in the morning, something called Amazon Fresh, which turns out to be fresh and packaged groceries, including meat and veggies. He is glad he retired before they started because the postman or woman has to do those deliveries before they can sort and deliver their usual mail, resulting in many late days and missed dinners for them.
    Maybe your time is coming for fresh deliveries?

  2. On those relatively rare nights when cooking dinner is a chore for me, I have three options; Chinese chow delivery, pizza delivery, and My Beloved, who can cook simple things while trashing the kitchen. The Chinese chow is good and delivered promptly. The pizza is just okay and the wait is long. As per our deal, if he cooks, I must do the dishes. Not surprising that most evenings, I’d just as soon cook.

  3. We have a new service that just started in my area, though they’re in others nearby, that has a list of 10 – 12 restaurants that I can order from, through this service and said service will deliver. It’s WONDERFUL! We’re in a more rural area and sometimes, I just don’t want the longer drive to get to civilization where I can sit at a restaurant and eat, but I’m exhausted from my extended drive home and don’t want to cook.

    It’s also way too easy to spend a lot of money that way which is why we don’t use them often, but it’s wonderful to have available.

  4. I was too cheap to ever subscribe but often kept the recipe cards they sent as promotions. I use them as bookmarks in my cookbooks. What a novel idea to actually make something on the recipe card!

    I confess I’m not at all a fan of turkey in any form, but I love the sound of the basil sauce.

  5. Elle, poor postal workers! I remember the catalog craze of the ’80’s and how much they hated that. No, I don’t see that coming anywhere near us LOL

    Zoomie – we have the same deal – I cook. But even homemade pizza is easy the way I do it 😉

    nightsmusic, when we lived in the US Domino’s started up deliveryto our area with the 30 minute guarantee. It was not physically possible to do it so they quit – even thought we all said we’d be very happy with 45 minutes. We got 1 pizza.

    Elizabeth, I was a sucker for all of that stuff… well, not all, but a few. We like the turkey scallops – quick and absorbs any other flavors