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Acorn Squash, Red Lentil Gratin; Secret Recipe Club – the end — 10 Comments

  1. Hi! I was lucky enough to be assigned your blog for my last SRC assignment and I made your cranberry bread, but as a cake in a bundt tin, which I hope you approve of! The recipe was a winner and I am so pleased to have discovered it via you and your blog!
    This is also a FAB recipe and so seasonal too!

  2. That is a beautiful recipe, so perfect for the season! I can almost taste it through the screen….

    hope you are having a wonderful Reveal Day!

  3. Jostled or not, that looks amazing. I love the fall squashes, and I’m always looking for something new and delicious to do with them. Great final SRC pick.

  4. I do love fall when all the great squashes are available. This one looks like a winner as well. I’m sorry the SRC is ending, but I’m going to start a link up party in January where I’ll be inviting all SRC members (former) to post a link to their favorite recipe for the previous month. It will be on the First Monday every month. Hope to see you there.
    BTW, I’ve made your White Beans with Celery and Carrots several times now, to rave reviews. Thanks for a great salad recipe, which does not involve lettuce. If it weren’t for SRC I would never have tried it.

  5. Lentils and squash sound perfect together. May I say it was been a pleasure being in SRC with you, and I will miss our monthly meet-ups. I know I will see you around on the interwebs, though. Take good care!

  6. Kate, great minds….

    Karen, your cranberry bundt cake is beautiful…. I think I may try that lol

    sallybe, the red lentils worked so well with the golden squash.

    Traci – thanks… we were happy

    bcmom lol – luckily, I didn’t lose anything

    Karen,,,, I’m rather fond of Chaucer 😉

    Sid – first Monday… duly noted. So glad you like the salad. It’s one of my favorites, too.

    escavalia, thanks!

    shockinglydelicious, lentils and squash are yummy together! And you take care also – ’til the next event whatever that may be