Butternut Squash, Ham, Sage Risotto; sick (a little) dogs — 6 Comments

  1. I always get hungry at your photographs. Two of our girls are on Proin for incontinence. Per vet, spaying can cause hormonal changes that lead to that condition. Could incontinence have started with Bonnie?

    • Dan, I hope not…. Our German Shepherd had the problem and the pills didn’t work. Only at night and she always stayed put on her bed so I could put a paper diaper on the bed to keep her and the bed dry. Wouldn’t work with these 2 – they’re all over the place lol

  2. Lovely risotto dish Katie. We too eat risotto dishes in the colder months – and very much look forward to them. Then by late spring we can’t wait for BBQ season.

  3. There is no more effective motivator to jump out of bed than a pet retching. And they always finish an instant before I can get the newspaper under their chins. I’m glad they are better – my dogs’ urinary tract infections (frequent squatting) usually required a course of antibiotics.

    • Isn’t that the truth – and no, never in time…. If it happens again I’ll take her to the vet but it seems to clear itself up quickly and then she’s fine for months.