Chard Quiche, Potato Crust; still no words, only sadness — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, unfortunately there is way too much hate and violence going on in the world today. Some white man was pulled out of his car and beaten by several people of color because they assumed he voted for Trump. Now who are the real deplorables.

  2. A lovely dish Katie. Living in Canada, we are close neighbours to the USA. So sad all that is going on there – with many protests turning violent. I met a woman from Seattle today. They were so shocked by the election results they felt they had to leave the country – if even just for a few days. It was sad to witness how devastated her and her husband are feeling, and sad for the world overall that the US is so divided. You are right…no words to express all that is going on in our world.

  3. I cannot speak!! Just a few nights ago, something similar occurred in Toronto. This latest trend of shockingly brutal violence is devastating. I’m beginning to feel like too many people have read Clockwork Orange and completely misunderstood the overlying theme.

  4. The French eat only the chard stems? Who knew?!

    We usually eat leaves AND stems.

    When I left the house yesterday morning, I saw that our pathetic little pot of chard growing behind the garage is looking quite sad – with only the stems looking remotely edible (the leaves are starting to shrivel from the top). But maybe I can salvage those stems and use them in an omelette or something. At least this is a possibility if they didn’t get completely devastated by the first hard frost yesterday evening. I couldn’t see the chard at all when I got back late late late last night…

  5. Delline, far too much hate and it’s all come to the surface.

    Ina, I’m afraid it’s going to take a long time for it too heal.

    Kate…. is that little riad next to you still for sale? 😉

    brassfrog, I’m saddened by all the violence

    Elizabeth, if only people were reading anything. We eat the leaves and stems, too, but the French chard has very wide stems and that’s the part they eat.