Osso Buco Milanese, Slow Cooker, no leftovers — 8 Comments

  1. I have a family of turkeys that cross my front yard occasionally during the year. They’re not nearly as plump as the one that was on my table Thursday. But they sure are pretty when they fan their tails.

  2. And when did Marrakech get Black Friday and why I ask ???????? I saw a ton of Black Friday Sales signs up in loads of shop windows in Gueliz !!!!!!!

  3. Katie dried celery leaves are wonderful. Once I bought a bunch of organic celery and there masses amounts of leaves attached. So I decided to cut them off at their stalk – hung them to dry and they were perfect – so flavorful. Super easy to dry hung from string in my kitchen window – as I recall they had dried nicely in a about 5-7 days.

  4. Sullimaybe – good one lol

    Tanna, once in awhile I find something here that y’all can’t get ;-).

    nighstmusic, the turkeys we passed on our walk were very plump – and will all be butchered in a week or two for Christmas, I’m sure I could pick one out today and get it tomorrow…. cleaned.

    kate – everyone has to do everything now…. nothing is unique (except the souks)

    Ina, what a great idea! I may try that after my current bag is gone. But they were really cheap….

  5. Enjoy Lyons. Would love to visit there myself. Your Osso Buco looks delicious. Love all of your slow cooker recipes Katie.