Shrimp Creole, Basmati Rice; the annual cranberry run — 4 Comments

  1. When we moved out here to the semi-middle of nowhere, I wondered how convenient shopping would be. It’s not that much, takes me twenty minutes to half an hour to get to the grocery, but I have to admit, it’s certainly cut down on those really expensive, daily, I-just-need-to-grab-this-thing-from-the-store trips I used to make. So while the weekly shopping takes awhile to get to and get done, I’ve managed to save and that’s a good thing!

    And I can’t find real wild rice here either…

  2. This sounds so yummy – my perfect comfort food. No wild rice? Geez, we can get all kinds in Canada. Cranberries too – beautiful plump and fresh!

  3. I am used to no cranberries, sometimes in Australia you might find frozen otherwise canned if you are lucky. Jars of cranberry sauce can be found at Christmas.

  4. nighstmusic, I have never lived where ‘running to the store’ was convenient…. which is why I always have a stocked pantry lol You can’t find wild rice?!?!? Wow….

    Ina, yeah, I know…. We have our benefits here in France, too 😉

    kate, they’re not grown here – no bogs, and Europeans are just learning what to do with them so they’re still rather scarce. Dried cranberries are everywhere, tho.