Slow Cooker Chicken, Butternut Squash; Chocolate what?!? — 12 Comments

  1. Chocolate should be considered its own food group. Food of the gods…

    I have two slow cookers as well. A smaller one and then a larger one. The larger, I tend to use for soups, stews and roasts that I want to have a second meal with, but the smaller, like yours, is perfect for two.

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit … I have ah, four. A really big 7qt for the times we have a crowd, the traditional 3.5 qt which I think I need to do this chicken of yours in tomorrow and then I have two of the small ones. The small seem to get used the most.
    This butternut and chicken looks great and sounds lovely with the spices.

  3. Sounds like a delicious recipe; I have found that chicken and zaatar go well together .. thanks for sharing. I have a question about the beans you used .. are they canned or dried.

    • Salim, the beans I used were canned. I can get them in small, 8oz cans which is perfect for this – or just use half (or all) of a bigger can / jar.

  4. I have a kafir lime tree and use the leaves for Thai dishes. I’ve always wondered what to do with the zest. The lime inside is quite awful so aside from candying, too much sugar, Its wasted. I’ll play with the zest to try to make Combava.

    • Phoenicia, I bought it because I liked the scent but am really pleased now that I now what it is. I have recipes that call for the leaves but, of course, can’t get them anywhere here. This is a powder, which I found interesting. He said to use it to flavor water as well as for cooking.

  5. Had some chocolates, and some macarons when in Paris this fall…sublime. I would love to go to a show like yours with all that chocolate…and honey and spice bread.
    Will try this recipe for sure! I have three slow cookers – large, regular and baby size. Will probably use them more if I can find recipes like yours Katie.