Spaghetti Squash Pizza; strange things — 6 Comments

  1. Funny, I made my first spaghetti squash pizza the other night too, with almost exactly the same ingredients (minus the olives)! It was really good, though I may cook it a bit more next time to see if I can get the crust crispier.

  2. I LOVE spaghetti squash served under chili. But your idea of putting it on pizza is great. I wonder if I can sell it to the resident spaghetti squash loather.

    I’m sure you saw this page when you were doing your search for dove recipes, but I thought it was fascinating because there are instructions on how to pluck and clean the birds. (As squeamish as I am, I think I might have asked your wonderful neighbours if they would teach me how to do it)

    I”m really intrigued by Poached Dove with Roasted Peppers, Turkish Roast Dove with Bulgur and English-style dove/pigeon roasted on root vegetables.

    Too bad about finding the shot!! That is not only bad tasting but could be really hard on the teeth….

  3. k_sam I was really happy with it too – but, like you, I’ll cook it a few more minutes the next time.

    kate – no doves?

    Ina, the spaghetti squash really worked well…. and I have so many of them lol

    phoenicia, it’s a bit dryer than other squashes so it worked for the crust. And what’s not to like with a low-carb pizza?

    Elizabeth, our friend was making soup from his doves…. I’m trying to wrap my mind around dove soup…. The hubs wasn’t willing to have them as a main course (in case he didn’t like them) so I didn’t go for the more serious recipes. And they really are small 😉