Stuffed Meatloaf; confessions — 5 Comments

  1. We haven’t had a meat loaf since arriving here in June -that has given me an idea for next week.

    I thought of you this afternoon, Katie, when I saw fresh cranberries for the first time in my life at G.F. in Bergerac and your previous postings about Thanksgiving sprung to mind! To me they looked a bit on the under ripe side and I opted to get some Persimmons instead. I don’t think they will be exactly like the “Sharon ” fruit we are used to. These came from Spain but there is an empty house close to us with one in the garden – it is laden with fruit but entirely encircled with ronces and spiny acacia trees. We may end up planting our own tree.

  2. Ina, it was good, and really easy. – but use the bacon.

    Tanna, duly noted…. Bacon!

    kate, they hated meatloaf?!?!?! I always had to make extra so they could have meatloaf sandwiches – which some say is the best part.

    Gill I don’t think there is such a thing as under-ripe cranberries 😉 It’s a strange fruit – inedible raw. I hope they still have some this week as I plan on going up to get some. Persimmons are quite common around here but I’m not very familiar with them – other than I know there are 2 types. Guess I should learn!