Butternut Squash, Pecans and Shallots; fall wisteria — 4 Comments

  1. Awww…I feel bad for the evergreen. After all, it’s supporting the entire weight of the wisteria, it’s no wonder it has become deformed.

    Have a wonderful vacation! We put our doberman in a kennel once. Only once. He ate through the front metal door to get out. They asked that we don’t bring him back…

  2. This salad looks yummy. I was thinking that it might “dress up” on the plate if you used crescent shapes cut from the bottom of the squash? (I had a handful of those leftover yesterday and this would have been a good way to use them.) And maybe with a big pinch of roquette/arugula? But I’m always putting arugula on my entrée plate if it needs a touch of green. (Not sure *why* I think the first course needs green, but there you are.)

  3. Kate, it was….

    nightsmusic, it would be impossible to separate them. Our neighbor in Andorra had to come home early the one time they put they’re Husky in the kennel. He barked non-stop. He had no ‘bark’ when he got home…. Hoarse!

    Kaye, I like a bit of green, too but I never think to buy it. If I can’t pick it we don’t get it lol. I’d already used the ‘nice’ pieces,,,,