Slow Cooker Beef & Beer Stew; a new toy for the house — 7 Comments

  1. If your Dyson is like my (corded) Dyson, one of the things you’ll love is that you can easily take it apart, like when you vacuum up a button and it manages to wedge in the hose and block all air. Or you vacuum up the cat toy, with similar results.

  2. I had my Dyson for 10 years it finally bit the dust so there was a great deal on the shark lift away and to my amazement it works equally as well. Hopefully it will last equally as long.

  3. I like borracho beans – pinto beans flavored with dark beer among other things. Nice change of pace.

  4. I love my Dyson! I can’t remember what I had before I got it, a Hoover, I believe. When my Dyson came, (the Animal Dyson – from Amazon) I vacuumed first with my old vacuum, then the Dyson. I had to empty the cannister three times before I’d finished the room I’d just done with the old one! Easy to clean, easy to fix if necessary, easy to everything on it and it’s just wonderful. When we moved, I got a Shark for upstairs and keep the Dyson down. The Shark is okay, but nowhere near the Dyson level.

    Beer. Beer is wonderful in soups and stews. And roasts!

  5. Karen, it’s cordless and light and easy. I can reach the ceiling for the cobwebs!

    Delline, I’ve coveted one for years….. I love unexpected sales!

    Carol, I was very pleased with the beer – may do that more often!

    Zoomie. and I still have the wonky chair

    nightsmusic, my old one is a Hoover – with a short cord. Drove me nuts. So far – I love the Dysan!

    kate, I’m still swearing, yes. But on the bright side, the one I had picked out wouldn’t have been high enough so just as well I had to get the Dysan instead lol