Bread Baking Babes celebrate oranges: Fouace Nantaise. — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, yes Katie you make us look sooooo good … actually this bread is lovely no matter the flour,
    Jam and coffee, I think is tradition but I loved it with a little goat cheese Brie!

  2. Tanna is right. You do make us look good!

    And I know what you mean about “orange” but I simply refuse to let current events across the border to hijack the connotation. Orange is a citrus fruit. Or a colour that is half-way between gold and red.

  3. Tanna, I’m kind of a savory gal – always goat cheese. Besides, wine doesn’t go well with jam.

    Karen, thanks – it’s always fun to read everyone’s stories.

    Elizabeth, orange should never be used to describe a human – or an entity masquerading as one. You are right. It’s a lovely fruit – as they are all lovely breads.