Honey Soy Chicken, Slow Cooker ; restless dogs — 5 Comments

    • I don’t know – something is definitely bothering her. If she’s still restless tomorrow we’ll go to the vet. She seems to have settled down a bit after I fed them.

  1. The chicken looks delicious Katie. You are really making use of your slow cooker. I love mine too. Our Daisy has been doing a lot of pacing lately. But in her case, it is old age. I know that is not your problem with Guapa.

  2. Tanna, love and curse them at the same time…. Slow cookers rock!

    Penny, I am loving it, exp. when its cold (and I’m lazy). I think maybe it was just gas – sometimes they think they’re cows and eat grass. My other dogs used to eat it and promptly vomit. These don’t – just eat it.